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Unveiling the Tools of Linocut Printing: A Step-by-Step Guide

Linocut printing is a captivating art form that demands precision, patience, and the right tools. From crafting intricate designs to bringing them to life on paper, each step in the process relies heavily on the tools at hand. Join me on a journey through the essential tools used in linocut printing, starting from the very beginning.

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Step 1: Starting with the Image

Before diving into the carving and printing process, it’s crucial to begin with a strong black and white image with high contrast. This ensures that the final print will capture the details and nuances of your design accurately.

Step 2: The Printer

A reliable printer is essential for transferring your image onto the linoleum block. I opt for the simplicity and efficiency of the HP LaserJet M11OWE. Its ability to print exclusively in black and white, or grayscale, makes it ideal for linocut printing, as it can accurately replicate the contrast of the original image.


Step 3: Release Paper

Release paper plays a critical role in the transfer process. Since laser jet printer ink cannot be absorbed by its surface, allows for clean and precise image transfer without smudging or blurring.


Step 4 : Transferring Medium

Liquitex Acrylic Medium, matte, serves as my preferred transferring medium. Applied with a brush, this medium ensures seamless adhesion between the image and the linoleum block, facilitating smooth and accurate carving.


Step 5: Carving Tools

The Flexcut Carving Tools, Micro Palm Set, are indispensable for carving intricate designs with ease. Their razor-sharp blades and ergonomic design make them a joy to work with, allowing for precise control and detailed craftsmanship.


Step 6: Ink

Choosing the right ink is paramount to achieving professional-quality linocut prints. Cranfield Caligo Safe Wash Relief Ink stands out as one of the finest oil-based and washable inks for linocut printing. Its rich pigmentation, smooth consistency, and easy cleanup make it a favorite among printmakers.



Mastering the art of linocut printing requires not only skill and creativity but also the proper tools. By carefully selecting each tool for its functionality and performance, you can elevate your linocut prints to new heights of excellence. So, gather your tools, unleash your imagination, and let the magic of linocut printing unfold before your eyes.