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In the realm of art, there’s a unique and heartfelt connection that can be formed when an artist takes inspiration from the world around them. For me, that inspiration came in the form of a happy and lovable character named Luke. This linocut print, aptly titled “Luke,” is not just an artistic endeavor but a heartfelt tribute to a dear friend who left paw prints on the hearts of those around him.

Every artwork has a story, and Luke’s story begins with his departure from this world. When Luke passed away, the grief was profound, and I sought a way to commemorate his memory. Having shared a special bond with Luke’s owner, my neighbor, I reached out and requested a photograph that would capture the essence of Luke’s spirit. In my request, I emphasized the significance of featuring both of Luke’s eyes, as I firmly believe that the eyes are a window to an animal’s soul, revealing the depth of their character.