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THESE ARE THE TOOLS YOU WILL NEED: (I Posted links to them on my Amazon store 🙂

Release paper :

Liquitex Acrylic Medium :

Brush :

**Step 1: Prepare Your Image**

Begin by printing your desired image onto a laser jet printer using release paper—the same type that sits behind stickers. (here is the link to it on my Amazon store:

This choice ensures that the ink from the printed image remains “floating” on the paper, crucial for successful transfer onto the linoleum surface.

**Step 2: Apply the Acrylic Medium**

With a clean linoleum surface ready, it’s time to apply the adhesive foundation for your image transfer. We recommend using a high-quality acrylic medium, such as Liquitex Acrylic Medium Matte (link:

This medium not only provides a strong bond but also ensures the preservation of your artwork’s integrity over time.

**Step 3: Lay the Image**

Once the linoleum surface is coated with the acrylic medium, gently lay the release paper with the printed image on top.

Take care to remove any air bubbles trapped between the paper and the surface, using a plastic spatula or a credit card to smooth out the transfer.

**Step 4: Apply Pressure and Let It Set**

To ensure a seamless transfer, place a few heavy books on top of the release paper-linoleum sandwich. This gentle pressure helps facilitate the bonding process between the image and the surface. Allow the transfer to dry for a minimum of 6 hours, ensuring that every detail of the image is securely transferred onto the linoleum.

**Step 5: Unveil Your Masterpiece**

After the allotted drying time, carefully peel back the release paper to reveal your transferred image on the linoleum surface. Marvel at the crisp lines and intricate details, a testament to your mastery of the image transfer technique.